As graphic designer, Antonio has worked with many brands and Advertisement Agencies in the creation of ATL and BTL campaigns. As brand manager he has been part of many marketing strategies and brand architecture plans.

In 2007 he created POORdesigner.com a colombian online design store of which he remains as partner and brand manager.

El Corral Burgers Restaurant - Art Concept and Digital Illustrations (Miami, FL)


Destiny's Dark Horse, Petit Syrah Wine - Art Concept and Desgin (California Valley, CL)


Postcard Digital Illustration Concept - (Bogotá, Col)

Initiative / UM Company report 2013/15 -Book Design (Miami, FL)

IV Bogotá Poster Biennal Contest - Short List Winner (Bogotá, Col)

IDN Magazine 15th Years Celebration
International Competition Winner

Lomography Colombia Analog Club - Advertisment Design and Concept (Bogotá, Col)

POORdesigner.com - Brand Design and Concept (Bogotá, Col)

Brand Design (Bogotá, Col)

Brand Design (Bogotá, Col)

Brand Design (Bogotá, Col)

New York City Artists Foundation -Brand Design and Art Concept (New York , NY)

Euripide's Medea Theather Play - Poster Design and Photography, (New York, NY)

Barranquilla's Zoo -Postcards Design (Barranquilla, Col)

Pinkie Pie's Boutique - Digital Illustration, Art Concept (Los Angeles, CA)

The New World - Map design and Concept (New York, NY)

Poster Contest - Digital Illustration and Concept (Bogotá, Col)

This is Berlin - Digital Illustration and Concept (Berlin, DE)

BerlinLovesYou.com - Web Design (Berlin, De)

POORdesigner.com - Online Store Design and Concept (Bog, Col)

Lamochi.com - Online Store Design and Concept (Houston, TX)

JuanValdezCafe.com - Christmas Microsite Design and Concept (Bog, Col)

Peroni.com - Microsite Design and Concept (Bog, Col)

Johnnie Walker - Microsite Design and Concept (Bog, Col)

Noemi Sanin, Presidential Candidate 2010 - Website Design and Concept (Bog, Col)