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Shortly before the presentation of the German Film Award 2018, actress Lea van Acken and her stylist Leandra Bendorf teamed up with eBay to put together a special outfit for the after-show party.

The actress, who has made a name for herself with productions such as "Fack ju Göhte 3", "Ostwind - Departure for Ora" and "The Diary of Anne Frank", is known for her extravagant style.

"The film award is not an ordinary date for the high school graduate and especially for the ceremony following the award, Lea van Acken is looking for an outfit that is extraordinary and at the same time perfect for celebrating.

"Fashion helps me to express myself and show my different facets," says Lea van Acken. "It's important to me to be able to reinterpret individual parts of my wardrobe that I like a lot."

"The online marketplace eBay offers a wide selection from which its stylist Leandra Bendorf likes to be inspired: eBay has the latest trends, vintage fashion and fancy items that are not available anywhere else.
That's why I'm not only inspired by eBay, but also shop specifically for planned styling. The particular highlight of the selected after-show outfit is that vintage is combined with current fashion. For example, the current trend of "layering" can be perfectly combined with the currently trendy pieces in different colors, patterns and materials, thus creating a new look again and again."

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